Frequently Asked Questions

How many reviews will I get?

The average Reviewiply user has a 10-20% success rate of new reviews per text sent. The more visitors that you text, the more reviews you will get for your practice.

You can increase your success rate by letting your visitors know you will be texting them when they leave. Making sure to text your visitors as soon as they leave instead of waiting until the end of the day also increases the chance they respond and leave a review.

Can I upload my whole patient/customer list and text them all at once?

Asking for bulk reviews from all your patients/customers at once is against Google's ToS and can risk you getting your Google listing suspended. Google only allows soliciting reviews from your patient/customer individually as long as they had visited your business recently. You will have a much higher success rate doing it this way anyway.

For that reason we do not allow you to send bulk review requests, we do not want you getting pulled from Google.

Can you help me show up first on Google?

The businesses that show up first on Google are usually the highest rated ones with the most reviews. If you want to show up high on Google, you need to make sure you are getting all the reviews possible. We help you get more reviews which results in your practice showing up higher and higher in the search results.

Can you help me keep track of my Google Reviews?

We constantly monitor your Google Business listing to keep you up to date with you latest Google Reviews. The dashboard will help you keep track of your current Google Rating and your number of Google Reviews. We pull the data directly from Google so it is always up to date.

Can you prevent bad Google Reviews?

We do not actively prevent upset visitors from leaving poor Google Reviews. Google wants to make sure they get an accurate representation of your business on your listing. Review gating, the pratice of sending good survey results to Google and bad ones internally, is against Google's ToS. Review gating can risk your business listing being removed from Google, so we do not do it.

The majority of your visitors will have 5 star visits and making sure they leave reviews will outweigh any negative reviews. Making it as easy as possible for visitors to leave a review means you will receive many more positive reviews than negative ones.

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